26 July 2010

Suisse Visit

Two new T34 friends from Switzerland came by during their vacation in Southern California and we took the 1962 out for a drive. Philip Egger (1969 M343) & Roland Gentner (1964 M343) brought their families to California and stopped by for the full-dose of T34 immersion: cars, parts, toys, literature, & photos from Karmann's archives. It was really nice to take the T34 for a spin after 4 years of inactivity. Special thanks to Jason Weigel for sharing his spare early manifold, as mine was rusted-through & disintegrating.My thoughtful new Swiss friends brought a unique license plate & vintage metal badge for the T34. The plate is from their local county in Thurgau (TG) and has a one-year registration tag (autographed by the 10 family members) and the vintage TCS (Touring Club Schweiz) badge is their equivalent of the AAA (mounted onto a bracket secured to the bumper bolt behind the guard).

23 July 2010

Front Hood Drain Tubes

Paul Colbert initiated the research and discovered a new source for the correct size rubber tubing for the front hood drain tube set. The L-shaped short tube (T14 repro) mounts into the hole in the front hood channel. The bottom end of this tube is cut-off so it can slide tightly into the top end of the 49cm (19.3") long rubber tube (1.0cm inner diameter). This metric tubing was discovered in England and I bought 10 tubes worth for USA T34 owners. The long tube is pushed through the hole at the top and then snugged along the inner nose, through the holder clips and down to the horn hole.

On early T34s with dual horns (up to #345 031 XXX) the dual horns are fitted inside the spare tire area with a large boot (T14 repro) to keep the water/dirt out. This boot needs to be cut at the top to allow the drain tube to go 0.25" into the hole so the water can drain onto the street.

On late T34s with dual horn mounted on the front bumper there is a black metal horn cover plate with a round drain hole built-in. A second L-shaped short tube is inserted into the bottom end of the long tube which is then snugly fitted into the metal cover plate hole. The seal for this can be made from a Transporter Kombi rear window seal (inexpensive T2 repro) or cut from the dual horn boot (T14 repro).

As always this couldn't have been done accurately without the generous help from Paul Colbert, Andy Holmes, Franck Boutier, & Everett Barnes for their original restorations & photos.

22 July 2010

Ivory Door-Lever Cups!

For as long as I can remember the early ivory inner door pull cups were never available and we'd always scour the swap meets for acceptable original ones. They'd always break when you installed or removed them so we'd always keep a few extras as spares. Now KG Parts & Restorations in Ventura CA has reproduced this much-needed part!

I ordered a pair for my 1965 and was pleasantly surprised that the color was very close to the originals (left is original & right is repro). And for $6.50/pair they are inexpensive as well. Order # is 837-247 64 70 RPGY and you’ll need two as they’re sold individually. Go to www.KarmannGhia.com and search for “door latch cvr”. The black ones for later T34s (or solid black interiors) are listed as well for $5/pair.