24 January 2009

NOS parts in 2009!

When restoring a T34 you really need to be diligent in your searching for parts and it never hurts to get lucky. When Mel Thompson from Tennessee (Black 1968 M345) emailed me after 10 years to help him sell his left-over parts, I agreed. In the stash of used parts were a couple gems: an NOS vent window & two NOS fog light trim rings! Mel was gracious to allow me to buy these without popping for the whole stash, so thank you Mel! Then while watching the new parts on theSamba I discovered Mark Smith from Oregon (vintage T3 source) who always has interesting T3 parts and sometimes a T34 part if you're lucky. Well he listed some NOS early Anthracite plastic heater sliders, so I scored one of those. He mentioned he had some NOS T3 compartment material as well, so I quickly added two of his better pieces. And lastly, I was extremely fortunate to find a complete set of T34 hinges for an amazing price from an old T34 friend. So it always pays to help other T34 owners, keep your eyes open for new sources, and always ask the sellers for other T3/T34 parts.