22 March 2009

Body Dolly

I've got little extra space in the garage for the reassembly process, so I decided the best way to store & work on the body & chassis would be to design a wood body dolly. Over the weekend my son & I built a 72"x65" rolling platform that will allow the painted body to be stored above the chassis. Total cost was $175 and it took several hours to complete. The wheels have locks when the dolly is rolled out of the garage into the driveway with a ratcheting strap to secure the body to the dolly.

04 March 2009

Ready for Paint!

I got a surprise phone call this week from Chemo ... "your M346 is ready for paint"! What fantastic news after almost 5 long years of body restoration work with two different bodyshops, "Jeffrey" will soon have a new suit of clothes. Chemo said the sunroof drain "weep holes" were restored (which had been rusted & hacked by a previous owner), the front hood hinges & hood was replaced with better donor parts, the NOS door hinges were fitted, the final bodywork is completed, and he's ready to buy the paint.As this is a legacy car (one that I'm keeping forever), I want it to be as close to original/stock as possible. Since VW originally painted in a single-stage enamel (7 coats I've heard) in 1962, that's what we've ordered for this M346. Chemo found a paint shop that was able to order the Dupont Nason single-stage paint in Cherry Red (L554) & Black (L41) for only $150/gallon (about one-sixth of PPG two-stage cost)! I've ordered two gallons (plenty on reserve if anything ever happens to it) of the red, and five paint touch-up sticks. That was a stroke of luck!

Chemo sent updated photos of the finished bodywork as of March 1st. What an amazing transformation Chemo has done with this rusty T34! The fresh-air vents are perfect (previously were filled-in with bondo), the rockers from Lars are smooth, the spare tire area is clean, the rear shelf is renewed, and the holes in the roof are gone.

I hope my next post will share the fresh Cherry Red & Black painted body!

Rear Shelf Repair

Back in September (when I last visited the M346 at Chemo's shop) I discovered that the rear shelf really needed to be replaced. One phone call to Larry Edson (Mr. T34 sheetmetal source) and a rust-free rear shelf (in Sea Blue) was on its way to Chemo. Chemo removed the spot-welds on the swiss cheese shelf and welded-in the new one. What a huge difference (even though it'll be completely covered by the liner.

I just got photos in the mail today from Chemo even though this work was completed in October last year. He sent more updated photos too ...